River & lake Disturbance


Important fish diseases for selected fish families are listed below. This fish health site contains information that will be useful for the USGS FAR Portal project.






Salmonid Aeromonas salmonicida   Furunculosis;
Salmonid Renibacterium salmonarum Bacterial Kidney Disease
Salmonid Ceratomyxa shasta Ceratomyxa  
Salmonid Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis virus IPN  
Salmonid Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia   VHS
Salmonid Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus IHN  
Salmonid Oncorhynchus masou virus   OM
Salmonid Yersinia ruckeri   Enteric Redmouth
Salmonid M yxobolus cerebralis Whirling disease
Salmonid Proliferative Kidney Disease agent PKD
Salmonid EED virus;   EED
Paddlefish / Sturgeon Renibacterium salmonarum Bacterial gill disease                
Paddlefish / Sturgeon --------------- Columnaris
Paddlefish / Sturgeon --------------- Costia
Paddlefish / Sturgeon Aeromonas salmonicida   Furunculosis
Paddlefish / Sturgeon --------------- Hydrophia
Paddlefish / Sturgeon Ichthyophthirius ICK
Paddlefish / Sturgeon --------------- Iridovirus
Paddlefish / Sturgeon --------------- Saprolegnia
Paddlefish / Sturgeon --------------- Trichodina
Catfish --------------- Enteric septicemia
Catfish --------------- Channel Catfish virus
Catfish --------------- Columnaris
Catfish --------------- Aeromonas sp.
Catfish Ichthyophthirius multifillis ICK
Catfish --------------- Hamburger gill
Perch   / Pike --------------- Bacterial Gill Disease
Perch   / Pike --------------- Columnaris
Perch   / Pike --------------- Costia

FISH HEALTH research facilities and contact persons  

Dr. Frank Panik, Director         (or Dr. Vicki Blazer)     304-724-4434
USGS, LSC, Fish Health Laboratory
1700 Leetown Road
Kearneysville, WV   25430
Dr. Robert G. McLean, Director 608-270-2401 x2401
USGS, National Wildlife Health Laboratory
Madison, WI
Email: bob_mclean@usgs.gov
U. S. Fish and Wildlife contacts
Mr. Ray Brunson, Manager     360-753-9046      
Olympia Fish Health Center
3704 Griffin Lane, Suite 101
Olympia, WA   98501
Ms. Kathleen Clemens, Manager        208-476-9500   
ID Fish Health Center
P.O. Box 272
Orofino, ID   83544
Mr. John Coll, Chief, Fish Health Section                                       570-726-6611
PO Box 155
Lamar, PA   16828
Mr. Scott Foott, Manager                                                                 916-365-4271
Fish Health Center
Rte. 1 Box 2105
Anderson, CA   96007
Ms. Susan Gutenberger, Manger                                                    509-493-3156
Lower Columbia River
MP 61552, State Road 14
Underwood, WA   98651
Mr. Richard Nelson, Center Director                                               608-783-8441
LaCrosse Fish Health Center
555 Lester Avenue, Ste 100
Onalaska, WI   54650-8552
John C. Thoeson, Region 2 520-367-1902
USFWS, Pinetop Fish Health Center
P.O. Box 160 Pinetop, AZ 85935



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